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Creating a Ticket

Your xat ID will automatically be shown in "xat username" form. Please note you must be a PAID USER to open a ticket.

  • If you are not a paid user you may go to http://xat.com/support and register on the forum and post in the general support section.
  • In the next form, you type your xat.com password for that corresponding username. Under "Help Topic" you need to choose a topic from the dropdown menu (see example 1).
(example 1) Choose a topic for your issue.

Once this is done, you need to type a subject for the ticket (ex: I am locked out of my account) this topic needs to be at least 5 words.

The final step will be explaining the issue you are having, or what you need help with. Under "Message" you need to put a descriptive explanation of the problem you're having. For example: "I am locked out of my ID 12345678, please update my location". If you are locked out, include any details that will help to verify that you are the account holder. These details might include your old IP address, the account name and ID number, number of xats/days on your account, internet provider, previous location, etc.

Click open ticket, and wait for a response.

Help Topics Details

Here is a table showing detail of help topics and whether you need to be a paid user to open a ticket under them:

Help topic: Description: Days required: Must be logged in:
General Submit General Support Questions here. If you are unsure about what section to use submit here. Tickets may be answered by volunteers. Edge8Gf.png Edge8Gf.png
Account Block If you receive system error 25/55 when trading/transferring or if your account is held for more than days or if your account has been deleted or if your xatspace/profile has been deleted. kpN1Oza.png kpN1Oza.png
Account Hold If your account is held less than 7 days. kpN1Oza.png Edge8Gf.png
Chat Block If your chat has been blocked from promotion, or has all of its content removed. kpN1Oza.png Edge8Gf.png
Domain Unblock If you need a domain unblocked via linkvalidator, or below your chat. Edge8Gf.png Edge8Gf.png
Email Change If you need an email change on an account that you can log into. Edge8Gf.png Edge8Gf.png
Location Update If you need a location update to use account locking. Edge8Gf.png Edge8Gf.png
Locked Out If you have been locked out of your account. kpN1Oza.png kpN1Oza.png
Lost Access If you lost access to your account by forgetting the email and password, or forgetting the password and losing access to the email. kpN1Oza.png Edge8Gf.png
Lost Auth If you have lost access to your authenticator code and you are unable to generate auth codes to sign into your account. kpN1Oza.png kpN1Oza.png
Payment Problems Submit Payment Problems here e.g. Missing xats/days after purchase, Reserve Problems, Account Held. You need to be Verified to submit payment problems. If you have problems with Phone Verify make your next purchase with PayByCash or submit a ticket to ‘Verify Problems’. Tickets about other problems will not be answered, if you are unsure about what section to use submit to ‘Help’ Edge8Gf.png Edge8Gf.png
Report Phishing Site Report a phishing site here. kpN1Oza.png Edge8Gf.png
Report Scam Report a scam here. Please include any evidence that you have in the ticket. kpN1Oza.png Edge8Gf.png
Short Names If you need a short name transferred, or put back up for sale. Edge8Gf.png Edge8Gf.png

Viewing a created ticket and responding

To view the ticket you've created, go to http://xat.com/ticket and then select "Check Status" (see example 2)

(example 2) Check the status of submitted tickets.
(example 3) List of tickets.

Once done, it will show your xat username, you will see a message saying "Authentication Required" this means you need to enter your xat password.

You will then see a list of tickets (see example 3):

Choose the ticket you want to check a response for, and the message you sent will be displayed, along with a possible response:

You can respond to that if you continue to have the issue you were having, or if you have another question. If the answer they provided fixes your issue, then you have completed the process.

Ticket Volunteers

To see a list of the current ticket volunteers, see the Volunteers page.