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===http://xat.com/images/smw/weather.png (weather) - Weather Smilies ===
<languages />
*Smilies are: (weather) (cleary) (coldthermo) (foggy) (hotthermo) (rainy) (snowy2) (stormy) (sunny) (sunshine) (tornado) (windy2)
=== {{image|weather}} (WEATHER) - <translate>Weather Smilies</translate> ===
*Smiley faces can be added onto the (sunny) smiley e.g: (d#c#sunny) (biggrin#c#sunny)
*<translate>'''Smilies are:'''</translate> (weather) (cleary) (coldthermo) (foggy) (hotthermo) (rainy) (snowy2) (stormy) (sunny) (sunshine) (tornado) (windy2).
*'''Note: This power comes with Weather KISS'''

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weather.png (WEATHER) - Weather Smilies[edit]

  • Smilies are: (weather) (cleary) (coldthermo) (foggy) (hotthermo) (rainy) (snowy2) (stormy) (sunny) (sunshine) (tornado) (windy2).
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