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Wiki Editors

  • This page is here to acknowledge users who have been picked and are trusted to edit and translate the xat wiki.
  • Although not considered part of the volunteers team, they do volunteer much of their time to xat. They also have direct contact with the volunteers if needed.
  • Some users on this page may be both a volunteer and an editor/translator. They are separate "ranks."
  • The wiki editors have no special indication on the chat. They are normal users.
  • If you notice any user who claims he/she is a wiki editor and they are not on this page, please report them to us immediately. To do so, click here.
  • We are accepting applications for translators. To apply, click here.
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  • The following users have the power to edit and write articles on the xat wiki.
  • Some of them can do a little more than edit. See here for details.
    • Note: All editors are able to speak English.
Wiki Name: xat ID: Language:
Andre ee.png Andre (112633) {{ trans/{{{lang}}} }}
Angelo us.png Angelo (18500000) {{ trans/{{{lang}}} }}
Arthur br.png Arthur (82756724) {{ trans/{{{lang}}} }}
Crow en.png Four (4444) {{ trans/{{{lang}}} }}
Daniel scotland.png Daniel (72936365) {{ trans/{{{lang}}} }}
Lemona ca.png Lemona (220341852) {{ trans/{{{lang}}} }}
Luig br.png Luig (10000270) {{ trans/{{{lang}}} }}
Sydno fr.png Sydno (220711) {{ trans/{{{lang}}} }}
Bella dk.png songstress (666000000) {{ trans/{{{lang}}} }}
Junior do.png Junii (1522897229) {{ trans/{{{lang}}} }}


  • The following users have the power to translate wiki articles.
    • Note: They cannot edit/create wiki articles.
Wiki Name: xat ID: Language:
Aredhel th.png Aredhel (999985466) Thai
Blacky es.png BLacky (691320709) Spanish
DonQuijote ba.png DonQuijote (926430628) Bosnian
Elea fr.png Elea (1313) French
Katie se.png ThePowerfuL1 (417029306) Swedish
Kayzar gt.png Kayzar (1500899017) Spanish
Masha pl.png Masha (108703057) Polish
Matheus br.png Matheus (1000070) Portuguese
Maxo ar.png elreydelreino (1509522881) Arabic
Sevda tr.png Sevda (190301) Turkish
Shizuo rs.png Shizuo (1130000) Serbian
WaiZaDotCom th.png WaiZaDotCom (140236898) Thai
Cody br.png Cody (61005768) Portuguese
Gims us.png Gims (50005) Arabic
Idima iDima (99078573) Arabic
Madison nl.png Madison (143143) Dutch
Matti it.png PLasticTomato (93658205) Italian
Mighty hu.png MightyBrain1 (1497708246) Hungarian