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xavi.png (XAVI) - Erstelle deinen eigenen xat-Avatar

Durch benutzen dieser Power erhalten Sie Zugang zur Xavi-App zum erstellen Ihres eigenen xat-Avatar, der auf bestimmte Smilies reagiert.

You can choose from many features, such as different head shapes, hairstyles, eyes, brows, mouths, and a variety of accessories. These features can be re-positioned, re-sized and rotated, and almost all of them can be re-colored. Once you have made your avatar, click the "save" button and it will be set as your default avatar. You can add a xavi to your favorites tab by clicking the "favorite" button.

Some xavi features require additional powers to unlock, such as multiple xavi powers or other powers. These other powers are Clear, Diva, Glasses, Meow and Wigs. You can see the specific unlock requirements when you click on a disabled feature.

Note: The only way to disable your xavi avatar is by disabling the power itself.


Um Schlüsselworte zu benutzen, schreiben Sie einfach beliebig folgende Stichworte in den Chat und Ihr Avatar wird die Stichworte imitieren. Zum Beispiel "angry" wird Ihren Xavi ein wütendes Gesicht zeigen lassen.

Smilies Symbole
eek, wow :o , :-o
mad, angry :@
mischief -
nme -
no, n, fail -
redface -
tongue :p
yes, y, ok -
smile, happy, fun :), :-)
wink ;), ;-)
frown, sad, unhappy :(, :-(
crying, cry :'(
sleepy, sleep, sleeping, tired |-)
biggrin :d
confused :s
cool 8), 8-)
crs, cross -
hello, hi, hey -
un -
doh, duh -
what, eh -